Wednesday, August 11, 2010


With three teaser trailers released for Endhiran, the hype has got bigger and bigger. So we (my brother and I) thought of analysing the three trailers in-depth. The analysis may be a very BIG SPOILER. So those who don’t want to get spoilet with the plot, please close this windows. And those who cannot wait till September 24, read on.

Since details are taken from all the three trailers, this review is going to be a combined analysis of all three trailers. According to the analysis, Rajini is not doing a double action. It’s a TRIPLE ACTION (from the trailers, it may even increase because we can expect anything from director Shankar).

First is the scientist Vaseegaran. (The Rajini in the left in the image below).

Second is Chitti, the Robot. As said in the trailer, it is super-fast. Speed 1 terahertz and memory 1 Zettabyte (it’s not gigabyte, 1012 Gigabytes).

The image below is final version of Chitti.

And the next image, is Chitti without skin (or without the Rajinikanth look literally).

Chitti saving a child caught inside a building on fire.

And the third one is another ROBOT (name not known but still it is also Rajinikanth). Let’s call it I-Robot.

Below is I-Robot without skin.

Coming to the plot, Dr.Vaseegaran creates two robots. One is Chitti and another is the I-Robot which he gives to Bohra (Danny Denzongpa).

But Dr.Vaseegaran finds that Bohra is misusing the robot and sends Chitti to arrest Bohra.

But Bohra threatens to kill Aishwarya ( image above).You can see the I-Robot behind Bohra. After series of incidents, Bohra alters the I-Robot to make it a baddie (yuppie Rajini finally a baddie).

The above images show I-Robot taking away Sanaa (Aishwarya Rai) from the Raja Muthiah Marriage Hall .The images below show an injured Chitti who is trashed.

Even though the plot looks confusing, one thing is clear. There are 2 Robots. And Rajinikanth is going to act as villain after a very long time (even though we could see a glimpse of it in Chandramukhi as vettaiyan). Let’s wait to watch the fun.


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