Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well The ENDHIRAN Fever catches all over South India. Mega budget of 150 crores and first time SCI - FI movie of Indian cinema industry also hyoed up the expectations of everyone here.
The movie has already made a remarkable record in its audio sales and it has been in the top list in the apple website which is first achievement for a tamil film.
Sun pictures producing the film has been doing aggressive marketing for the movie as if the movie has been done by a debutant and the advertisement has started irritating the persons over here. They are not aware of the power of Shankar, Oscar winner A. R. Rahman and Superstar RAJNI i feel. Through the advertisements they are creating as if the movie has got audio sales as if by their marketing capacity only. Remember Rajni is the darling of Masses and a mass hero even. These kind of ads will be a waste of money only.

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